Scariest Photoshoot Ever – Photography Vlog EP. 10

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I would imagine most photographers that are really serious about their work would love to quit their daily “9 to 5” job and turn photography into a full-time career. That is why I have decided to start this new video series called “The Road to Full-Time”. In this series, you will come along with me as I go to my photography jobs while still having a full-time graphic designer job. This series will show you how I balance having a full-time job as well as trying to squeeze in photo shoots after getting off work. It won’t be easy but hopefully all of this work will help me get one step further to being a full-time photographer.


For this shoot, I was sent out on a last-minute shoot where I had to photograph a home that was vacant and that also need drone footage. I had a ton problems with the shoot as soon as I arrived. First, I was locked out of the home where I was told that it would be unlocked. It was just a mistake and I was able to get into the home after opening the garage door. Next, I thought there was no power to the home. Turns out the home just had a ton of light switches there operated other things besides lights. Lastly, I had to find a way to photograph the creepiest basement ever. I’m not sure how to explain that one so just watch the video and you will see why…






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