The Road To Full-Time Photography Vlog – EP. 01

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I would imagine most photographers that are really serious about their work would love to quit their daily “9 to 5” job and turn photography into a full-time career. That is why I have decided to start this new video series called “The Road to Full-Time”. In this series, you will come along with me as I go to my photography jobs while still having a full-time graphic designer job. This series will show you how I balance having a full-time job as well as trying to squeeze in photo shoots after getting off work. It won’t be easy but hopefully all of this work will help me get one step further to being a full-time photographer.

For this shoot, I was contacted by a realtor who was listing a home in my area for the first time. From what I can tell, he found me through my Googler Business listing so since this was my first contact with him, I had to make sure these photos looked as good as possible. It was a cloudy, rainy day so I knew the lighting wasn’t going to be great but I still had to shoot the home. The owners spent all day trying to get the home ready for the shoot and postponing certainly was not an option.

Here are a few of the final images from that shoot and the realtor was pleased.


Front Exterior


Living Room




Spare Bedroom in Basement


Outdoor Patio

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