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This vlog is a special one. For this photography journey, I got to hang out with Aaron King and Brendon Portor of Photog Adventures for a few days of photography fun. It was a great time to just concentrate on trying to get great images. Here is just a quick recap of our trip.


On the first day, we all drove up to Hanging Rock State Park to photograph the Lower Cascades waterfall. This was a good place to stretch our legs, get some quick shots, and talk about what we are going to do the next few days. I was at the bottom of the waterfall grabbing a few b-roll shots when we heard someone start sliding down the waterfall. Brendon slipped on the rocks and ended up sliding down about 10-feet of the face of the waterfall. Thankfully, he and his camera were ok. We had plans of hiking up Hanging Rock to get a view from the top of the mountains but with one of the group having wet clothes, that would not have been fun so we called it a night and heading back home to get ready for the next day.


Day two started out with a quick breakfast pitstop and then we all headed down the road to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway. While driving, we spotted a few areas on the side of the highway that had fields of flowers so we decided to pull over and great a few quick shots. Obviously, being on the side of the road isn’t the best place to get photos but we made the best of it. Once we made it to the Blue Ridge Parkway, we started our photograph journey trying to find some great photos. Unfortunately for us, the weather wasn’t the best. Without a cloud in the sky and it being a super sunny day, most of the photos turned out like snapshots and not portfolio pieces. We still made the best of things and I was able to grab a few drone shots that I really liked. After photographing the Ashville Viaduct for a few hours we made a quick lunch break. We had plans of grabbing a few sunset and night photos in the mountains but I had a family emergency that I need to return home so we all headed back. Time to get ready for day three.


The next day was taking a trip to the beach to photograph the sites of Fort Fisher and Kure Beach. I have been to this spot before and it was great being there at sunset as I have never seen it there before. We hung out at the Fort Fisher Monument for a while taking a couple quick photos while waiting for sunset. Once 6 pm hit, we quickly drove over to the Rocks at Fort Fisher, a spot where a rock retaining wall goes into the ocean. This is where we were able to get a few really neat sunset shots.I was also able to fly the drone there as well and get some really nice video and “hero” shots of Aaron and Brendon. From there, Brendon and I stayed on the rocks while my dad and Aaron went to go grab a few moon shots. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to stay on the rocks as the tide was rising, it was very dark, and we had expensive gear that could have been lost in the water but we managed to get out of there with only wet feet. Day three officially marked the end of our photography adventure and it was a great time. It was really great concentrating on landscape photography again while taking a break from real estate.

I hope you enjoy the video as well as a couple “keeper” photos from the trip! Make sure to check out the Photog Adventures guys at


The Blue Ridge Parkway
The Asheville Viaduct
Sunset Flight
Smooth Rocks
Sunset Rocks
Rocks Abstract
Lake Abstract
Aaron King getting a few shots










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